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Saturday 2 May 2015

Where are the Unions?

Have you noticed that nobody seems to be talking about the Unions this election?
With just five days to go, the news surrounding the Labour Party is all about the SNP and a possible pact with the Socialists with the sole intention of keeping the Conservatives out of power. No matter that the Labour Party brought the Nation to its knees through imprudent economic policy; no matter that the Conservatives (with the Liberals) have recovered the situation, the Scottish National Party dogma demands common sense be abandoned in their single-minded determination to lead their proud country to ruin. Indeed, such has been the level of hate filled vitriol  we have heard from the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, I would be surprised if relations with the Scots can be recovered in a generation.
But where are the Unions? Could their quiescence be due to their harmful influence on voter's intentions? It is well known that Miliband  and half the Parliamentary Party are sponsored by the Unite Union, itching to implement their left wing policies, regardless of the well-being of the Nation. Instead of leaders of industry advising policy, we will have beer and sandwiches at No 10 as Len McCluskey calls in his favours, dictating his terms for ruining the country.
Not once did Miliband have to field questions about the Unions in the Leaders debate on the BBC. I have heard nothing in the media leading me to think that a pact has been agreed for the duration of the election. Don't rock the boat must have been the message; no strikes, no inflammatory rhetoric.
This will all change if Labour gain power. I fear that with their determination to hold on to power, they will adopt measures that will effectively make it impossible to dislodge them.

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