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Monday 13 July 2015

Straight from the horse's mouth

A banker working for Goldman Sachs is reported to be in line for a multimillion dollar payout next year in the event of a successful public flotation of a Company. The same banker is also reported to be behind the bid of Greece to join the Euro despite evidence that its economy was in no state of readiness for the transition. Goldman Sachs is reported to have made millions of dollars from its consultations and advice and will feel no shame in the part it played in subsequent events. It will not care about Greece, the Greek people, their trials and tribulations, the loss of assets and the deep embarrassment of a proud Nation. All will be nought to a Bank who like all the others are single minded in the aquisition of money. Nothing else matters. Recently, a market trader speaking to the BBC, spoke honestly about the way Banks viewed recessions as a money making exercise whilst real people suffer. See here:

Greece is now apparently thinking of suing Goldman Sachs. It won't do any good; the Bank has more money than Greece; it can afford to pay for the legal team that by hook or by crook will get the right result in a fresh demonstration of the New World order. The only game in town is money; lots of it. This polarisation of money wealth can only bring trouble as the disenfranchised, those without hope and the means to provide for their families no matter how hard they work, rise up.

Governments, in the pockets of the bankers, will be first to face a public backlash. Assassinations of the corrupt leaders will leave countries rudderless before anarchy takes hold as the people realise that without action they will be dead anyway. Eventually there will be no hiding place for the Bankers; their money will be taken from them. No numbered Swiss or Liechtenstein accounts will hold back the mob, no cache of gold and platinum will be safe as money becomes valueless. Remember if the $US is worth zero, zilch, nought then a trillion dollars is worth exactly the same as one dollar. This is the human equivalent of Nature balancing the books as it does the environment. The Bankers will only have themselves and their greed to blame. It's no good saying they give to charity with their well organised bashes in Beverley Hills for 'A' listers giving visible expression to their cupidity.

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