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Saturday 1 August 2015

Thank God.

An immigrant in Calais, one of mostly young men, yesterday, told a television interviewer, 'that God had sent him to England'. You just can't believe that people in the twenty-first century can be so naive, bordering on stupid. But it is what one might expect of a desperate person whose main learning comes, most probably, from a Qu'ran based education.
The problem is that it is this sort of person who is likely to gain entry to the UK, bringing with him all the baggage of his past, his upbringing and culture and I seriously doubt that it will enrich the lives of the indigenous population. I wonder if the presenter might have asked the man if he ever questioned why his God, known to Muhammad, had failed him and his family and why he wanted to go to a Country where the God, known to Jesus, seemed to be so much more benevolent. It wouldn't even cross his mind to think this and it is this inability to question his faith, so brainwashed are the followers of Islam, that provokes the mockery they attract and the fear in the British people for the future.
I wonder what these young men's reaction might be if it was made a condition of entry that they had to convert to Christianity. At every port of entry a vicar stood by a font to do the necessary, behind him a large poster of the Archbishop of Canterbury, listing the benefits of conversion. Ridiculous? Probably, but then, as I understand it, you can't visit Mecca unless you're a Muslim.

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