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Thursday 15 October 2015

Brain Stimulation Therapies

There is much interest in brain stimulation therapies, particularly its effectiveness against mental problems such as depression. The treatment involves targeting parts of the brain with either electrical or magnetic stimuli. On reading about the research into this field one is immediately hit with the notion that nobody really knows if and why it works. Nor does human knowledge admit, despite intense research, to knowing where memory resides.
As in so many aspects of science today, the problem here is the reluctance of the scientific community to accept views that cannot be empirically verified; they do not accept that what we see or sense, may not be all you get. Time for my theory of 'Negative Dimensions' to come to the rescue. The theory as described in my booklet: 'Spiritual man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', promotes the universe as a duality, with aspects of our sister cosmos manifest in our own. These properties can only be understood in terms of negative and 'complex' dimensions, the most obvious example being time. Simply put, if we call the 'present', the here and now moment as 'real' time, 't', then the past can be thought of as 'unreal' time, '-t' and the future, 'imaginary' time, 'it' where 'i' is the square root of minus one. This latter, introduced by Stephen Hawking in his book: 'A Brief History of Time'.
If I am right, then no trace of memory in the brain is due to the fact that scientists are trying to find something that cannot be sensed with modern day equipment. It is there but accessible by the brain using 'unreal' time and subsequently manifest in our power of recall. Electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain may be working on this unseen world, a world where neurons respond to hidden and mysterious processes involving negative dimensions.

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