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Monday 19 October 2015

Joubert plays God

Recent games in the Rugby Union World Cup have highlighted the demise of this once great game. In March 2010, I wrote a blog, here:
If anything, what happened yesterday between Scotland and Australia demonstrates that the problem has worsened. After eighty minutes of blood sweat and tears, the result was settled by the referee's divisive decision. The teams might just as well have tossed a coin and saved themselves the trouble.
It's not all the official's fault. In many situations there are any number of reasons to whistle resulting in referee's awarding alternate penalties to give the impression of balanced objectivity.
Here are a couple of suggestions.
Scrums are the biggest problem. The rules need overhauling.
Reduce the numbers taking part from eight to six in a three-two-one formation.
Scrap all offences arising from the scrum. Once the ball is put in, anything goes and having emerged is in play.
I believe that the scoring system needs to be adjusted to reflect a bigger reward for tries. It is worth the risk of defenders committing more offences to protect their line. Too many games are won with penalty kicks rather than tries.

Tries. 5 points
Conversions. 1 point
Dropped goals. 3 points
All penalties. 2 points

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