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Wednesday 28 October 2015

The music of Andre Rieu

I, and to judge by the numbers who attend his concerts, am not alone in enjoying the music of Andre Rieu. To see the joy and happiness on the faces of those attending bears witness to the magic of music. But this is not just any music, it is music tried and tested to appeal over the generations because it is tuneful. The shows do not include posturing, prancing 'pop' stars with their affected delivery, their sounds more akin to agony rather than joy, nor does this point to a narrow menu of genres which includes the best from opera, musicals, cinema and pop; tastefully performed by artists of the highest quality.
Music like this lifts the spirit and brings joy in a world that often only yields hardship. Research at Oxford University has shown that choral singing is effective in bringing people together, but they had only to witness a Rieu concert to know this.

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