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Monday 7 December 2015

Junior doctors

Junior doctors have recently threatened to go on strike because they feel under pressure from the Government's plan to provide full medical care throughout the week rather than from Monday to Friday. The Government give the result of a survey, which shows survival rates in hospitals at weekends is sharply down from the rest of the week, as the reason for their action. Nevertheless, the British Medical Association, BMA, the doctor's trade union, feel that it puts additional strain on their doctor's role, aiding the sick. After all, it's damned inconsiderate of the public to fall ill at the weekend. Puttting aside the fact that the doctors are reasonably paid and can expect very good pension rights when they retire, are there other groups, paid by the tax-payer, who rise to the challenge of their work without whingeing? This weekend, late on Saturday night, the police were on hand to deal with a knifeman at an East London tube station.  Somewhere, in a far off God forsaken desert, another man or woman who takes the public money, will be closeted in a scorpion and snake infested hell-hole on the lookout for enemies of the Country unaware of whether or not it is a Monday or Saturday.
If any junior doctor feels he is worth more, he should simply walk; otherwise put up and shut up.

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