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Thursday 10 December 2015

Trump that

In May 2013, I posed the question I want all Muslims to answer. They are the questions one asks when you look for Trump's motive for his demanding a TEMPORARY ban on Muslims entering the USA pending a review of the situation in the Middle East. He has been reviled throughout the world, including his own Republican Party, but has he got a point? It's no good the Muslims blaming 9/11 and all the other atrocities on the US and Allies for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Arabs definitely hold grudges and they are still spitting blood over the crusades. That has nothing whatsoever to do with ISIL's ambition to create a Caliphate stretching from Iran in the East to Morocco and Spain in the West.

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The trouble with the US is their own dogmatic adherence to an equally false faith and their constitutional right to hold their views. One can't expect Muslims to adapt their behaviour when Americans continue to believe in Creationism and other ridiculous cults.

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