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Thursday 17 December 2015

Bar Council exam. Paper 1

Bar Council exams
Paper 1
In a hypothetical case the judge sums up as follows. Read his directions to the jury and then answer the subsequent questions.

'Members of the jury, this is a simple case of alleged rape concerning an extremely, almost obscenely wealthy defendant. We have heard that on such and such a date, he was in a hotel room in the company of two young girls. Because it was a warm day all those present were undressed and the defendant was in a state of arousal. This has not been contested, men are often in a state of arousal, but what happened then is. The defendant claims that in adjusting his position on the sofa, he inadvertently slipped and in so doing accidentally penetrated one of the girls despite her pleas for him to desist. I am minded to refer the papers of the case to the CPS because it strikes me that the girl's legs akimbo, might have facilitated this unwanted trip to paradise and brought on the defendant's unrelenting ecstasy, amounting to no less than an infringement of his human right to celibacy.
Leaving that aside for one moment, the defendant, a man of previously good character, his previous convictions for fraud and domestic abuse having been successfully appealed, is known for his charitable work with young children. The court has also received the written testimony of various politicians, artists, deejays etcetera as to his good character. On the other hand the witnesses for the crown are just girls.
Therefore members of the jury, bearing in mind all the circumstances, I have no difficulty in directing you to formally acquit the defendant on all charges.'

Question 1. Has the judge been 'got at'? Has he been bribed?
Question 2. Has the judge or his family  been threatened with punitive punishment if the defendant doesn't walk?
Question 3. Are judges fit persons to hear cases involving 'real' life?

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