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Saturday 26 December 2015

More rain

In February 2014, I wrote the following:

The residents in Cornwall in the UK are certainly struggling as wave after wave of Atlantic weather systems drop yet more rain on their saturated lands. Flooding has caused many to flee their homes amidst calls that the politicians are standing idly by.
One can understand their frustration but is their ire towards the politicians warranted? As things stand what do they want the politicians to do? Act like Canute and insist that the water retreats? Hand out money belonging to other taxpayers, like confetti, as compensation? Compensation for what? Making the conscious decision to live in a known flood area? We all have sympathy for their plight and the emergency services are doing sterling work but is there no real chance of negating the overwhelming power of nature?
Probably not but does that mean we shouldn't try? The cost of annual river dredging is prohibitive; so too the infrastructure needed for effective draining but it doesn't come near to the human cost of despair and suffering. What can be done? I have spoken of this before but with winter weather patterns becoming ever more severe is it time to take another look at climate control? can we stop the build up of rain bearing clouds above the UK?
Is it possible to station a reflector and lens in geostationary orbit in space to harness the immeasurable power of the sun and burn off areas of low pressure and moderate wind speeds whilst they are still building out in the Atlantic? What about beaming microwave radiation directly at clouds or the new super-powerful laser gun being developed? Allow the farmers their ration between the hours of midnight and say four in the morning but having paid the initial costs it might represent a more economically viable means of protecting the people. It has side benefits as well. The UK could become world leaders in the technology leading to economic benefits and also the Nation would become happier, basking in the increased sunshine levels.

Here we are again, this time in Lancashire. Since I wrote this piece, I have heard of no plans to attempt such measures as I've suggested. Surely the Government must act now!

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