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Saturday 19 March 2016

ISIL. State of the Nation report.

Abdul (not his real name) is reporting in Al-Raqqah, Syria, to the self-styled Caliph on the state of Jihad being waged on behalf of ISIL.

Caliph: Well Abdul, tell me how our gloriously brave fighters are doing, God willing, in the various theatres of war.
Abdul: I'm sorry to report your Caliphness that we are in retreat everywhere. Indeed I don't know how long we can hold out here in Raqqa.
Caliph: But how can this be? At Friday prayers I heard nothing of defeat. What about Iraq?
Abdul: We have lost ground there to the Iraqi army and the Kurds to the North. We will never take Baghdad and the men are losing heart and deserting.
Caliph: (fuming). Dogs; the lot of them. All deserters must be beheaded,  Abdul. Are you clear on this. What about Libya?
Abdul: Slightly better news there, God be praised. Our people are taking advantage of the political vacuum in Tripoli and Benghazi and are pushing into Tunisia as opportunity arises.
Caliph: Ah! Good. Soon we will be knocking on the doors of Al-Andalus, taking back the lands, rightly ours until those medddling infidels, the Catholic Monarchs, kicked us out.
Abdul: Why did Allah permit it, your holiness?
Caliph: For the same reason he allowed our defeat to the Meccans at Uhud. God was testing the prophet, peace be upon him, then and he is testing us now. Did you learn nothing at the madrasa, Abdul?
Abdul: We are taking the battle to Paris and Brussels, your highness, but the outrages have been limited and not always successful. They have captured, alive, one of our warriors in Brussels.
Caliph: Why is this? Isn't it the case that nobody can overcome the holy jihad of our forces. Isn't it the case that every Muslim fighter is worth fifty infidels? Why did this man allow himself to be taken alive? Have him killed before he talks.
Abdul: The security forces are thwarting our plans for mindless destruction at every turn your majesty. We haven't scored in London yet but we have reached further north in France than the Umayyads achieved.
Caliph: Piffle! This is a disappointing report, Abdul. I'm sure I don't need to remind you of the consequences of failure.
Abdul: Tell me why is it, your excellency, that when we have success, God is with us, but when we lose He is 'testing us'. Does it ever dawn on Muslims that maybe there isn't a God at all?
Caliph: I'm disappointed in you, Abdul. Did the brainwashing not work? You cannot ask that question.....Guards take him away and behead the infidel.
Abdul: (Being dragged away). But tell me, your most compassionate, how do we know the difference between an invisible and mythological god?

Today, most of the world's extreme violence is due to followers of Islam. In the past the guilty were Jews and Christians, slaying hundreds of thousands of people accused of 'heresy'. The religious priestly class ruled the world then, as now, by fear; fear of violent retribution; fear of eternal post mortem hell.

Will the earth only achieve real peace when the Abrahamic religions renounce God and adopt more humanist philosophies?

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