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Thursday 17 March 2016

The dream of immortality

Russian oligarch, Dmitry Itskov, dreams of his own immortality as explained in the BBC's Horizon programme. His idea is that human beings will one day be able to upload a person's mind to a computer and until that time his brain will be frozen in time. Scientists, he claims, have found a drug which will preserve his mind intact until that time.
The idea has divided scientists; some believe that it is impossible whilst others, particularly in the field of robotics, see possibilities.
My message to Mr. Itskov is that immortality already exists naturally through procreation. All he has to do is pass on his DNA to his children. It is my contention that character or soul is passed on by this means according to, on the one hand, the whim of nature and on the other, the accident of the time of conception. This latter ties the 'uploaded' character of an embryo to lunar cycles. You can see my arguments by watching my videos, The Davies Hypothesis on youtube.

In this blog, see: here
I give an example of a person's character being made manifest in a later generation.

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