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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Are jihadists born?

When I ask the question, 'Are Jihadists born?' I mean have they inherited the mindset to become a religious fighter; have they inherited a character who previously was an Islamic Jihadist?
Recently, Islamic State fighters born in the UK, have been identified as rather 'normal' boys and girls showing little of their inclinations to religious fighting as they grew older. Even close family members have admitted to the media that they had no idea of the youngster's true intent. Often they point to radicalisation in the local mosque but I wonder if there is a more obvious explanation for this extreme behaviour.
Readers of my book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions' or watched one of my 'Davies Hypothesis' videos will know that I believe that characters (souls) can be inherited, unlike hair and eye colour, from many generations earlier. Clearly this together with modern day nurturing will complete the task of character building but I wonder if, despite being brought up in 21st century, Britain, there will be in the youngster's psyche a persistent call to arms in the same struggle as the ancestor. It may, indeed, go back to the crusades, perhaps 60 to 70 generations ago.
This represents a rather alarming possibility as each new generation of Muslims can inherit this trait, as most of their forebears will be of Middle East or Anatolian origin, and overcome their natural inclination to feel British in support of another, antagonistic, ideal.
Of course, this theory doesn't only apply to Moslems. Young British men and women, from non-military families, will want to join the army and again this might reflect a character drawn from many generations earlier, perhaps fighting battles in other parts of the world.

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