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Monday 9 May 2016

Black Holes and determinism

A recent report suggested that Professor Hawking's idea that Black Holes first swallow matter and information and then 'evaporate' to nothing, might be correct. The experimenters cooled and 'churned' helium to just above absolute zero, in which state any sound within the gas cannot escape, mimicking the Black Holes capacity to hold light. They found that there was a small 'leakage' of sound that corresponded well with Hawking's equations for Black Holes.
The problem, if indeed it is a problem, is that the loss of information seems to be contrary to the philosophical concept of 'determinism'. If information is lost, then so too is history and the idea that cause and effect is the motivation for everything that ever happens. I hope I've got this right.
According to THE DAVIES HYPOTHESIS) all the information captured by a Black Hole is not lost but reprocessed and passed to our 'sister' universe as 'unreal' and 'imaginary' matter, energy or radiation. This process resolves a natural imbalance that occurs as the universe expands and grows. Since the universe expands forever, there is a continual need for Black Holes and for this reason, the DAVIES HYPOTHESIS does not support the view that Black Holes completely disappear.

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