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Thursday 12 May 2016


Expats in Spain are fretting over the referendum on June 23rd about the UK's membership of the EU. Frequently one hears that there isn't enough information on which to make a decision when the consequences, either way, could jeopardise an entire way of life.
As I see it, and I believe, this was highlighted by Gove last weekend, there can be NO confusion over what is on offer. Nobody can see the future therefore it is futile to want more information that, at best, is a guess. The only question is: should the UK be sovereign, liable for its own affairs or should it be governed by an unelected elite whose accounts haven't been approved by accountants for over twenty years?
I suggest that the population of the UK should not be voting selfishly in their own interests but rather, in the interests of the Nation and, in those terms, surely there is only one way to go.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson, was as good as being branded a liar by a TV presenter over a slogan on the side of his 'battle' bus which stated that the UK gave £351m a week to the EU to spend as they liked. The presenter argued that subsidies given back by the EU reduces this figure to a mere £150m, thereby misleading the populace. Johnson countered by arguing that the subsidies were at the whim and disposal of the EU, liable to change or cancellation at any moment and it was therefore more honest to quote the gross figure. He might have added that if and when asked how much he earned, the presenter might truthfully give his NET income after deductions for tax and NI etc but is more likely to give his gross salary as that is fixed whilst the deductions are variable.

It is strange, is it not, that following World War II, the victors, the UK, now want to kow tow to those who were defeated: Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece (These last conquered by the Germans). In other words, why should the UK, the winners, wish to ally themselves with a bunch of losers?

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