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Sunday 15 May 2016


Much as I distrust the EU and its undemocratic and wasteful governance, I reluctantly feel that the UK will eventually be part of the Nation of Europe. It's worth remembering that, once, some time ago, the Country was actually joined to the mainland by a land bridge that became submerged after the last ice age.
Why do I think this? Because I believe that the Rule of Two will prevail as it must as a law of nature. To have an overview of this Rule please see my 2009 blog here

We can see the process in action, already as 28 separate countries of Europe join to form the single market as a forerunner of the new political entity. Interestingly, these countries do not include the biggest by land mass, Russia, thereby ensuring that the Rule of Two holds in continental Europe. In order to incorporate Russia into our political sphere it is necessary to identify a wider sphere of influence, always bearing in mind that the world can NEVER unite as one unless a cosmic threat materialises to provide a new two-part system.
To incorporate Russia into Europe, therefore, we must see Europe as one of fewer global groups, where the land of the Tsars sees its best interests in a wider group. It is happening already, elsewhere, with the formation of Asian  and American trading groups.
Is there an alternative scenario for the UK? The end result must be the same but a different route may be possible. Rather than ally itself with those European Countries who were defeated in WW2, the UK could form a trading pact with the other winner, Russia. Combined the two Countries could, in the relatively short term, forge a potent group, able to take on the challenges of the 21st century before being forced to join a larger European group in the next.

As this polarisation continues, the world will eventually split into East & West and the final act will be complete. How safe will this situation be? I don't know but, thank goodness, I shan't be around to find out.

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