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Tuesday 17 May 2016

An epileptic sees God

Doctors in Israel have had the opportunity to observe the electrical discharges of a patient immediately before he had a vision of God. Dr Shahar Arzy and Dr Roey Schurr of the Hadassah Hebrew University were reportedly treating a 46-year-old man for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), carrying out a battery of tests including an online electro encephalogram (EEG) which measured his brain activity.
In the run up to the tests the patient, a Jewish man who had reportedly never been especially religious, had stopped taking anticonvulsant medication for seizures.

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The man, who had had his head wired up for epilepsy, shouted out the Hebrew name for God, ripped the wires off and went walkabouts telling everybody that he had seen the Lord and trying to recruit followers.
They observed what appeared to be a 'spike' of activity in the pre-frontal cortex, a region of the brain thought to be connected with personality and decision making; what psychanalysts identify as 'executive function'. Experimental data indicate a role for the prefrontal cortex in mediating normal sleep physiology, dreaming and sleep-deprivation phenomena.
It is worth noting that the pre-frontal cortex in humans has evolved dramatically compared with other animals in the last million years. The human brain size has tripled but the pre-frontal cortex has grown by six times. It clearly is important in
defining what makes the modern human being and how we differ from other creatures including the apes.

In my theory, 'The Davies Hypothesis', here, I identify the working of the brain with three dimensions of time which relate to the 'past', the 'present' and the 'future'. It is my contention that the presence of all three dimensions gives rise to the level three consciousness recognised by academics today. I had previously thought that the seat of brain working in the abstract was the 'pineal' gland but it looks as if the pre-frontal cortex also exhibits evidence of working in 'imaginary' time, the term introduced by Steven Hawking in his book, a Brief History of Time. I explain in the 'Davies Hypothesis' and my book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions' (  ) how 'imaginary' time plays a role in dreaming, an often subliminal  way in which the brain promotes future development including the perception of the divine.

As I quote, in my book, the nineteenth century philosopher, Ludwig Feuerbach, said that humans will have to come to realise that instead of God creating man, man, in fact, created God. This unfortunate man is clearly delusional. The question is: are too the other believers?

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