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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Brexit3. The great betrayal

Today, as HM The Queen opens Parliament amidst the usual pomp and ceremony that characterise the British tradition; a circumstance that goes back for centuries but part of a culture that will be alien for an ever increasing number of immigrants to the Country. It will mean nothing to those who came, not to contribute to the well-being of the British people but to forge a better way of life for themselves than that which they could expect in their own Countries.
Sadly, they won't abandon those beliefs and practices that contributed to their own Country's problems but will bring them to the UK either in a misplaced respect for their (elderly) family or in a bizarre demonstration of idiocy.
The trouble is that millions of these people, no doubt with their own agenda, will have a vote in the EU referendum, possibly opting to defy the wishes of the indigenous Anglo-Saxon, non-Muslim  population who want to retain the UK's undiluted sovereignty.
These newly arrived immigrants should not have a vote in the EU referendum  but it is clear that Cameron is counting on them to betray the Country they've joined and the populace who only have the interests of the UK at heart.
In 2011, in a wider debate, (
I mentioned that I thought it wrong that first generation immigrants (Possibly as high as 40 MPs) should be barred from holding public office because their families hadn't lived in the Country long enough to qualify as being 'British'. Who are they to presume to arrive in the Country and pontificate on those matters of interest to families who have lived in these 'sceptred isles' for untold generations or as long as the traditions described above have been observed?

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