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Monday 23 May 2016

Working against the grain

New dietary advice suggests that the obese should eat more unprocessed food including fat, contrary to the mainstream view that good health requires calorie controlled eating habits. The authors of the report have come up against a wall of opposition from the established position who claim these ideas are confusing and dangerous especially for those suffering from diabetes.
Sticking ones head above the parapet has always been fraught with danger as entrenched positions are challenged. Protagonists  are urged to ignore setbacks and try, try again despite understandable disappointments and 'battle' fatigue. As an author I have suffered such 'war' weariness as my titles are ignored when books much worse are published by out-of-touch publishing houses but this is nothing compared with the fight to have my hypothesis heard by the scientific community. It is not hard to see why; my work suggests that the basis of most of science for the last hundred years, the 'Big Bang' is simply wrong. Careers have been forged and reputations built on the basis of this theory and therefore to suggest it is wrong throws the whole shabang into a paroxysm of outrage. But the truth will out. Nothing is more certain that to give up leads to failure and therefore I urge everyone who has an open and inquiring mind to challenge orthodoxy and read my theory by clicking on the link to the Davies Hypothesis, above.

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