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Monday 20 June 2016

'Pooled' sovereignty is NOT Sovereignty

I'm disappointed with Baroness Warsi; I used to admire her-but no longer. She was once a vibrant spokesperson for the Tories, dealing with difficult matters the elite didn't want to face, but she has sadly reverted to type. Despite having nothing to do with the leave campaign for the EU Referendum, she has announced that after publication of UKIP's poster she, a first generation immigrant, has decided to vote 'IN'. She clearly wasn't British enough, like many of her ilk.
What was it in the poster that annoyed her; was it the fact that it displayed a seemingly never-ending queue of what were certainly all Muslims; was it the fact that they were all males or it was perhaps that they were all young, maybe of army age?
A UN report has shown that 63 million persons have been displaced this year, mostly from the three countries, Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria. I don't think it is a coincidence that all these Countries are, like the good Baroness, Muslim. The majority of these young men are probably victims but there is a good chance that some are jihadists waging Holy war against the infidels. Imagine now that these people had come form lands full of the contagion of Ebola, they would be stopped at the border and rigorously tested; so too if they were Nazis. Why is it then that stopping these young men from spreading the contagion of their religion is wrong. Have we become so paralysed by the Human Rights brigade that we are unable to oppose the spread of the vilification of the West and our way of life? Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan are Islamic Countries. These people are fleeing the problems caused by Islam and yet they are carrying their religion with them to infect those lands which welcome them with the same mindset that caused them so much angst. It is this arrant stupidity that defies logic and annoys me most. Surely, unless they are brainwashed, they must hope to escape the problem and the only way to do that is with education! Not hours in a madrasseh studying the Qu'ran but a good all round education that focuses on the sciences and technology.
Ah! But there are good Muslims I hear you say; they settle and want peace. It's true, there are but how many times have we heard the relatives of young English Muslims who go to Syria to fight for ISIS tell us that 'they were such nice boys and girls; we had no idea'. It is in the genes.

Cameron argues that the UK hasn't lost sovereignty, it has 'pooled' it with the other EU states. Bollocks; like pregnancy, Sovereignty cannot be pooled; a Country cannot be partially Sovereign. Either you are sovereign or you are not and quite clearly the UK is not Sovereign. The chance will not come aagin until the EU collapses, as it surely will. I urge everyone to vote OUT and remind Baroness Warsi that the British are a proud, resourceful Country; compassionate but not stupid.

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