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Monday 27 June 2016

Post Brexit

The referendum has been held and the UK has collectively voted for Brexit. Whilst most have accepted the result there are some, most notably the Scottish Nationalist leadership, that wish to ignore the will of the people and continue to have a dalliance with the other 27 Nations. It has been a common refrain from the 'remainers' including the so called 'metropolitan elite' in London and the Home Counties that the result was decided by the 'uneducated' working class of the North of England. I have even heard the same term used here in South East Spain. What arrogance!!
But why do the Scots and this 'elite' still hanker for the lure of the European dream?
Do they want to be aligned with the corruption and economic malfeasance of a EU that hasn't had its accounts signed off for over twenty one years?
Could it be the extraordinary wages, expenses and pensions of EU staff with their noses in the massive trough paid for by the citizens?
Might they reflect on the fact that despite putting into the pot more than any other country except Germany, only 3% of EU staff are British?
Are they attracted by the intransigence to reform or perhaps they are attracted by the promise that with the push for greater political union those Countries outside the Euro, like the UK, will be sidelined.
Perhaps they like the idea of an unelected EU Government riding roughshod over the Democracies of Greece and Italy.

On the other hand they may have absolutely no confidence in the ability of a resourceful, brave British Nation to survive alone.
They may not like the idea of an independant UK having the ability to trade with Commonwealth and other English speaking Countries.
They most certainly will regret that the UK can regain some control over immigration.

And the whingeing 'elite' and Scots think that the hard working people of the British hinterland are 'uneducated'. It beggars belief.
The UK should unite, the people remain proud, and believe in a country that has survived worse crises.

I have heard some hysterical people bemoan the fact that youngsters will lose out. How? Why? They are nearly always people under 50 who can't remember that before the EU, young people went abroad for travel and education as they do now. The only difference was that in those days all the European Countries were independent and different, offering different perspectives on life with not a KFC and McDonalds in sight.

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