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Thursday 28 July 2016

Is the Pope deluding himself?

Pope Francis has recently agreed, yes, we are at war! But he went on to argue that it was nothing to do with religion.
Is that so? Coptic Christians are being murdered in Egypt and their churches destroyed; a Catholic priest has his own throat cut before the altar of his church in Normandy. Other outrages against Christians around the world suggest that the Pope is delusional if he doesn't think we are in the midst of a modern day crusade. But then as I keep reminding myself: if one could REASON with the faithful, there would be NO faithful.
Perhaps he is trying to defuse a situation already deteriorating daily, taking political and social correctness to the extreme in order to divert further unrest but has it already gone too far. Muslims cannot compromise on the religion. It is what it is and no arguments about, for example, integration, will alter their allegiance to a belief, Islam, that demands total subjugation to Allah. I fear that whilst Christian leaders are ignoring the obvious, the situation will become worse and spread to every corner of the globe.
In the end, the only solution in the twenty-first century is to disabuse the world population of their belief in a supernatural  being and this means putting aside ALL religions and cults. It will take generations to complete but the world must start now. Who will lead? Who can command the attention and respect of everyone and take the first step; outlawing punishment or censure for apostacy?

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