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Friday 29 July 2016

The problem with Civil Servants

Recent revelations about alleged fraud in academy and NHS trusts should perhaps come as no surprise. Huge amounts of taxpayer's money is handed over to these organisations to use as they feel fit in pursuit of Government targets. Yet, because of the huge amounts involved can we really be surprised that some 'creaming off' occurs; obscenely high and disproportionate salaries, executive perks and the sourcing of goods and services from friends and family. One can't help feeling that what, so far, has been uncovered is the tip of the iceberg but how has it happened?
I think that behind it all is the Government's desire to cut rather generous Civil Servant pensions. Already costing the exchequer a fortune, with people living longer, there is a need to cut back on those directly paid by the State and therefore the responsibility for hiring teachers and nurses falls on the new trusts.
I can remember when Civil Servants were remunerated according to fixed scales with no likelihood of exceeding the official limit. Expenses, for such as petrol, were scrutinised before being refunded. How things have changed with trusts paying headmasters more than the Prime Minister earns and agencies raking in £2000 a shift for nurses. I hear that some Headquarter Civil Servants even attract bonuses for failing. Somebody in Government has got to challenge this situation, sacking unscrupulous executives in high profile court cases and confiscating assets but I fear that they may be 'all in it together'.

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