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Friday 26 August 2016

I'm angry with God

'I'm angry with God', said the young man, perhaps even a teenager, on television, as he surveyed the earthquake hit ruins of his village in central Italy.
Clearly, as a Christian, he was aware that he'd been let down; that the person who should have saved him and his family had forsaken them in their hour of need. Now, as he looked, it wasn't God that was revealing His mercy, it was the skilled men and women of the emergency services that were saving people and recovering the dead.
Ah! the God fearing might say, but God's work starts in the afterlife. That supposition didn't seem to be a comfort to the young man whose life hitherto had probably been sheltered from the often brutal reality of life. Now, as he looked at what was only 24 hours earlier a home to hundreds of people, he was aware for the first time of the fragility of life. One old lady had said when interviewed that, with her own home in ruins, she no longer trusted any shelter as the aftershocks continued to bring down properties.
The people of Aberfan might have had the same feelings of misgivings fifty years ago this October. How many parents felt 'angry with God'? For many the idea of a heaven may have been a comfort but there will be others that felt that their whole lives had been blighted by a God impotent to keep them and their family safe and that this manifest impotence was proof of the non-existence of a God.
I say to this young man. Do good, love your family and do not put your faith in a supernatural invention of people in awe of Nature. Follow always the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you and may you lead a happy life.

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