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Monday 29 August 2016

Look; I can play the piano

Roy Calloway, a pensioner from Swansea survived a stroke and later discovered he could play the piano having had no previous musical ability.
It reminds one of the stories of people coming round from unconsciousness only to find themselves speaking in a previously unknown foreign language. If it is true, Mr Calloway's experience is further evidence of the Davies Hypothesis's claim that our brains store information from past ancestral lives. As an embryo, nature fits each of us with a character, stored in the parent's DNA, possibly chosen to match a conception in the same time of the lunar cycle. If this inherited character was musical, able to play a keyboard instrument, for example, this skill would have been in the recipient's brain, waiting to be triggered by a trauma.
This inherited character might have lived many generations before, his or her innate traits tempered by the up to date mode of nurturing giving rise to a person of the present generation. However, be warned, the essential character may have no resemblance to those of the parents.

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