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Monday 5 September 2016

Keith Vaz

I have listened and read much about the disgraced MP, Keith Vaz. It seems he has literally been caught with his pants down, a disgraceful predicament for a plain parliamentarian but unbelievable for the Chairman of a select Committee, especially the one concerned with home affairs. It seems that, over the years, there has been widespead speculation about his personal life including a friendship with the alleged paedophile, Lord Janner. Apparently the CPS have had many opportunities to bring him before a court but failed to do so. We need to know why and who authorised the non prosecution to exclude them from the enquiries. Someone has got to make a stand and bring these disgusting so called 'top' people to book. Who will accept the challenge?
What I cannot find and it is a striking omission is that there seems to be NO mention that the security services, MI5 or MI6 were involved. How could they be oblivious to the connivances of a man so obviously a security risk? If they were watching him, how did they miss so much and if they didn't miss it why was he allowed to carry on unless they were watching him and his contacts?

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