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Tuesday 6 September 2016

Thanks be to God.

Nobody could fail to have been affected by the rescue of people off the Libyan coast with the loss of at least seven lives. These people were so desperate to leave their tragic situation and face death in search of a better life, they took to the Mediterranean, with no clear plan other than to reach Europe. Those who watched couldn't have failed to see one of the rescued men raise his palms to give thanks to Allah, presumably for his survival.
Now I know it is difficult for those believers who don't question their faith, but couldn't someone ask this man why he felt it necessary to thank his God when so many perished in the sinking and their conditions of life, which prompted their migration under HIS watch were so dreadful. When this man landed in Europe he should have been in no doubt that his failing, hard-hearted God was to be abandoned and that at the very least he should look to the religion of his saviours; better still abandon all notion of a loving and merciful God. He was rescued by people, intent on doing their duty to do good. The world is full of people intent on doing good, bringing up a family, helping others because that is the nature of mankind we all want to see. At times like this we need to make this point; when Muslims come to Europe they ought to reassess their beliefs and they need help to overcome the charge of apostasy.

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