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Saturday 15 October 2016

Does Nicola Sturgeon hate England and the English?

A Scottish ITV presenter quizzed Scotland's First minister, Nicola Sturgeon, yesterday, ahead of her proposal for a second independence referendum. He pushed her harder than we imagine the BBC would. It seems that the First Minister has looked at the EU referendum voting pattern and concluded that her Country would be better allied with the Europeans rather than the rest of the UK.
The presenter suggested that the Scottish economy was only half that needed to reach the entry level which coupled with low tax receipts and the plummeting price of oil painted a dire picture of Scotland plc; one unlikely to attract the interest of Berlin, say. Despite the fact that the US does trillions of dollars worth of trade in the 'single market' without hindrance, Sturgeon worries that Brexit will have dire effects on the Scotch Whisky industry. She seems unfazed that in leaving the old alliance, a well run economy, she will be joining a market of notorious economic opacity, unbridled waste and extravagance; its accounts not written off by the auditors for an unbroken 22 years. Nor does it bother her that the EU is run by unelected bureaucrats; strange when she refers to the democratic will of the Scottish electorate. It's all bollocks! There must be something else. It's England, isn't it?
So; what is it about Nicola Sturgeon's hatred of the English, because that must be what its all about. Her dislike of England and the English is driving her party to lead the Scottish nation over the precipice. Perhaps that same ITV presenter should ask her about that.

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