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Friday 21 October 2016

Why Professor Hawking is wrong about AI

The very name 'Artificial Intelligence' tells it all really. Scientists are trying to create robots as near to humans as they can using the physics of the day. By this means we can make automatons that are capable of using their limbs to emulate humans; they can walk, talk and do work, using known physical laws and harnessing the power of algorithms. They seek to make robots intelligent.
Professor Hawking has suggested that we humans should tread warily lest we create in the future an entity that might come to wish us harm. It is my contention that in order for an entity to have this capability requires it to have a certain level of consciousness and since this is impossible the threat is non-existant. But why can't a robot have sufficient consciousness?

Scientists, today, believe that time has only one dimension. I have shown in the 'Davies Hypothesis',

that time in our universe does in fact have three dimensions, corresponding to the past, the present and the future. We only exist in the present, the now which is constantly being created as the universe expands. However, as I show in my talks, our brain works in all three dimensions. The past (‘unreal’) time deals with KNOWLEDGE and memory providing humans with a database. The present (‘real’) time is about the senses and how they allow us to experience the world about us. Coupled with the ‘unreal’ time this gives us UNDERSTANDING. ‘Imaginary’ time in conjunction with ‘unreal’ and ‘real’ time allows humans to use their knowledge and understanding to make decisions, to plan, to dream and consider the abstract. It gives rise to WISDOM. Thus we have three stages of consciousness.
Because science can only work in the ‘real’ or present time, and bearing in mind it is possible to build into a computer a memory, a robot can only reach stage two consciousness. It can never, in my opinion, reach stage three of consciousness, that involving ‘imaginary’ time, in the same way that humans can never know the future. We can anticipate, even predict the future but we can NEVER know it.
It is my belief that without this third level of consciousness, robots cannot conceive of abstract concepts such as good and evil, power and servility etc. scientists cannot create ‘AW’, artificial wisdom.

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