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Thursday 27 October 2016

Tribalism lives on

Fighting broke out last night in the Olympic stadium as West Ham fans clashed with Chelsea supporters. It demonstrated that problems due to tribalism in football, last seen in the seventies, haven't gone away. Nor will they ever because tribalism is in built into the human psyche. We are programmed to stick close to family, friends and community for reasons of collective security and preservation of resources.
Why then do you suppose that people who mean well ask people to willingly accept into their lives and neighbourhood people of an alien culture, needful of what that community has and cherishes? They seem to imagine that all people in the twenty-first century must be 'civilised', that they have an overwhelming desire to relinquish their hard gained benefits and hand them over whilly-nilly to a tribe from far off lands. It just might be possible if these immigrants made an effort to join the tribe of the hosts, adopting ways, customs and values that help them integrate but many newcomers do not, adhering to ancient beliefs and habits under the umbrella of ludicrous 'human right' laws. It is for this reason that I believe trouble lies ahead as the incoming tribes try to takeover the Country, bit by bit, starting with ghettos and moving outwards, driven by an alien ideology from a different time and place. The folk of the host nation, compassionate and civilised as they may be but acting under an ancient and ingrained impulse, might just say, enough is enough.

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