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Sunday 27 November 2016

An Imam speaks

This Sunday morning the BBC paraded an Iman to discuss the papers on their news program. I didn't catch the name but I doubt it would have made a difference if I did. He was dressed in tradition Islamic outfit of jalabiyah and taqiyah (knitted pill box type hat). He was jolly and appeared to be the sort of man to fit into UK life; a man whose company I might enjoy.
It was an ideal scenario in which to seek some answers to questions those of us who watch these topical programs wished the presenters would ask. The imam chose an article about Aleppo and asked why the airborne West didn't use their technology to drop food, water and medicine to the beleaguered citizens, presumably instead of dropping bombs. No reference to possible Islamic involvement, let alone responsibility.
At this point the presenter should have asked why not call on wealthy Saudi Arabia or the Emirates to help with humanitarian aid. Was it not surreal that the Muslims should seek largely Christian aid whilst secretly hoping the jihadists would crucify the lot of them.
Me? I'm a more thinking person, me. I shouted my philosophic question at the screen; where is God when all this is happening? Where is the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy when women and children are being killed indiscriminately? I doubt the imam would have answered because his faith forbids him posing these questions because to do so is to question the truth of the Qu'ran, an offence punishable by death. I would have liked to have put it to him that the world's wars involved relatively few Ennuits, Scandinavians, South Sea Islanders or people from Malta. I would have liked to ask the Imam why  it was the followers of the religion of Peace, the Muslims, who were responsible for almost all today's terrorism.
But no! The Beeb wouldn't want to ask an awkward question in case it offended a minority, albeit an increasingly militant and isolationist tribe, hell bent on doing God's will by killing Christians, Jews and non-believers. Oh! and yes, the Beeb for being so WEAK.
These questions must be asked and answered-soon, methinks.

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