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Saturday 19 November 2016

The people fight back

It started with Brexit; the pundits and pollsters got it wrong because they failed to recognise the emergence of a class of people, basically honest, patriotic, hard working with a strong sense of justice despite having no university education. The Liberal left scoff at these people, regarding them at best as irrelevant but mostly ignorant because they don't share a world vision of multiculturism, gender equality and a rule of law dictated by human rights.
Their view of this class of people was reinforced when Trump an (Independant?) Republican succeeded in beating Clinton to the presidency of the United States. Such was the disbelief that followed the result, there was much public wailing and gnashing of teeth before a second phase of delusional denial chased around the globe. Now the EU 'remainers' are pushing for a rerun of the referendum despite economic data supporting the view that the UK will be better off out. Nor do these people see the eventual collapse of their flagship attempt for Utopia as other European Countries eventually pull out due to a disillusioned public fed up with the elite skimming off huge payments and pensions while the ordinary folk of Greece, for example, are made to grovel for handouts. I don't suppose the plight of these people is permitted to destroy the atmosphere at dinner parties of Guardian readers and the like.
They were at it again at the weekend, berating the normally sympathetic BBC for allowing political commentator, Andrew Marr to interview right wing French politician, Marine Le Pen, without biting her head off. Her stance on immigration and Islam upsets their vision of a world order where everybody is hopefully at peace whilst they reap the full benefits of the political classes paid for by the plebs, often with their lives.  To even suggest that world peace is threatened by the spread of Islam is unpardonable by these people, usually describing their opponents as fascists. It doesn't matter that no people have been killed by fascist Le Pen whilst the forces of Islam have slaughtered thousands and made hundreds of thousands homeless, it is Le Pen who needs to be stopped spreading the words on every decent French person's lips.
Now, it seems that Archbishop Welby has at last spoken up by arguing that religious leaders must take responsible for acts of terrorism perpetrated by members of their religion. It is, he says, no good Muslims arguing that ISIS are not followers of Islam when it is palpably clear that they are and their clear intent was to subjugate the world to their way of life. It needed to be said and repeated until decent people have their fears recognised and acted upon. We mustn't fear to offend, not least when tackling the Liberal lefties, left for too long to exercise their stupid world view on those who just wish to mind their own business with the expectation that they will be well and justly governed.

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