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Monday 16 January 2017

The Oak Tree

Imagine, if you will, an oak tree. See it, its trunk, its broad lower branches becoming smaller as your eyes rise towards the crown. See the thousands of acorns and the tens of thousands of leaves on the branches and imagine the hundreds of different species of animals to be found, living and surviving amongst the foliage. Get up close and touch the trunk, feel it, put your arms around it, smell it; use your senses to perceive this micro world in all its glory.
But wait; is all you perceive the full picture? Is there anything else; something that your senses haven't identified? Of course there is but we cannot sense it because it is out of sight, underground. Nor is this hidden part insignificant. It is a fundamental part of the tree; its very existence depends on the system of roots and other aspects that play a part in the health, growth and wellbeing of our oak tree. Indeed there is as much below ground as there is above and yet when we first perceived the tree it didn't register.
I believe that the same situation obtains with our universe; we are all aware of what we can witness with our senses but do we need to dig into the unseen, use our imagination, to find the full picture of our existence.
In my book, 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', I propose an alternative ideology, digging into the unknown in search of our sister universe, challenging the orthodox views of science and religion.

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