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Sunday 29 January 2017

A new referendum

Seeing those leftist luvvies protesting all over the world tells me that the US people got it right in electing Trump as President but what about his attitude to Muslims? He has signed an executive order banning for four months refugees from principally Syria being admitted to the country. As President, his first duty (as is that of the UK's prime Minister) is to protect his people especially after the 2001 attack on the twin towers and he, like May, will be aware that Muslims pose the biggest threat to world peace, being the principal protagonists in the majority of conflicts around the world today.
However, with all this outrage at his plans to make his country safer in mind, I wonder what would be the outcome of a referendum in the UK asking the single question, 'Should Islam be proscribed?'
I can see the majority of people saying 'yes'. The generous, sympathetic and broadly welcoming people of the UK have been sorely tested by an influx of people who clearly do not want to integrate and associate themselves with UK life, let alone values. They do not like the idea of gender separation such as is routinely seen in mosques; they do not like the wearing of the burka etc, seen as a provocation, a visual reminder that they have arrived and will do as they (or their menfolk) want. Nor can they understand why these immigrants would come from a hell hole, seeking a better life, but bring with them the culture (including their religion) of the very hell hole they are fleeing from. This would be understandable if they came as conquerors; but they didn't, they have arrived accepting the hospitality of the citizens of the UK.
The referendum, which will probably only be advisory, not binding on the Government, will lead Council leaders in some towns or districts in West Yorkshire, Lancashire and London seeking advice from Nicola Sturgeon about quitting the UK.
Of course, this will never happen because politicians need to harvest votes and the Muslim vote is critical in some constituents and the Imams are very aware of this. As are the quisling British politicians who have been queuing up to denounce Trump. Why is it that the leftie luvvies don't come out and march against the excesses of Muslims who are torturing and slaughtering people, destroying ancient monuments, enslaving and abusing women etc etc? Why is it that so called moderate Muslims are not doing more to stop their violent co-religionists?

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