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Friday 3 February 2017

More Trump thoughts

In my previous article I suggested that because so many on the left had demonstrated their opposition, Trump must be doing something right. The progressive left were at it again last night as violent demonstrators stopped a talk by Conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos on the University of California, Berkeley campus. It seems that the right of the freedom of speech applies only to those on the left, mostly ill informed youngsters who have been nowhere and done nothing in their lives.
Back to Trump. I had rather thought that Trump had started his presidency well; that is until up to yesterday. At a National Prayer Breakfast event he called upon Americans to have hope in God before ending with the time-honoured, 'God Bless America'.
His speech will have disturbed secularists the world over. This claim that somehow God is on the side of America when so many adversaries claim the same is akin to the footballers who perform a little ritual before entering the field of play, seeking, presumably, to ask God to favour them rather than their opponents. Now I know that to do well, politically, in America one has to suck up to the bible bashing communities but does Trump need to be so provocative about it? I mean when he invokes the help of God he might as well be appealing to the same God of Abraham as the Muslim immigrants he wishes to vet more thoroughly. And, in any case, where can he show any evidence that God cares anyway. Can he see God in the Middle East, North Korea, Iran, the favellas of Brazil or the slums of Mexico City?
In his reference to immigration and his tough and controvertial new executive order he alluded to the Pilgrim Fathers, claiming that they too had been immigrants. Well they weren't; they were colonisers, conquerors if you like, who, with their followers, displaced many of the indigenous peoples of North America. Conquerors have different rights to immigrants as  manifest in Roman Britain and after the Norman and Viking conquests. Conquerors impose their will on the defeated whilst immigrants should respect the way of life, culture and beliefs of their hosts.

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