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Tuesday 7 February 2017

Poisoned dwarf

That fatuous oaf, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Bercow, has told MPs that he is opposed to the idea of the President of the United States speaking to the House. He cites the President's alleged racism, sexism and mysogyny. This is the man who welcomed into the bosom of the House, the leaders of, for example, China and Kuwait, leaders with a reputation of human right abuses. If that wasn't enough, he proposes to alter the dress code of servants of the House despite centuries of history and tradition whilst wasting Public money on feathering his own nest, the grace and favour residence in Central London he enjoys. The man is a disgrace.
It is traditional that the Speaker's seat in parliament is unopposed but why don't his constituents throw him out? Are they not embarrassed by his hypocrisy, his cringeworthy bumptiousness that time and again brings the UK's Parliamentary tradition into disrepute?
Following this sleight on the UK's greatest ally, perhaps the Speaker of the Senate will invite him over for a chat and conveniently lose him. He will not be missed.

However, I'm sure Mr Trump will ignore this insult, choosing to put himself above this and other creatures of the swamp. Talking of the swamp, I can't remember a time when the House of Commons has held such poor quality members. The entire opposition front bench, including the leader, Corbyn, and Abbott, is a disgrace. To listen to the poor quality of the speakers makes one despair for the people they represent.

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