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Thursday 30 March 2017

Corbyn's Ireland

The leader of the UK opposition, Corbyn has suggested that allowing Ulster a referendum on merging with the Republic held the possibility that the island could be reunited, thereby solving the problem of hard borders in the light of Brexit. There is another solution.
It is a matter of record that the Republic failed to ratify the Lisbon Agreement in June 2008. Following this rebuttal, the arrogant EU demanded that the Irish rerun the referendum, this time (2009) returning what was for them the correct result. The 'yes' result was followed by outrage and much speculation about voting corruption.
It leads one to imagine that it is possible that the Republic might be minded to follow the UK out of the EU. This would be sensible as the UK is the largest of the Republic's markets, not to mention the historical and geographical association, but why might this help? If the Republic left the EU, they would be free to join a new trade association with the UK, one where there would be no hard border and free movement of citizens as obtains today. The tie would become as close to uniting the counties as one that is possible without the secession of Northern Ireland from the UK. Indeed the new entity could be referred to as the islands of the UK and Ireland in the same way as we currently refer to GB and Northern Ireland. It might be a union that will appease the forces of violence and allow the citizens of both parts of the island of Ireland lasting peace.

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