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Saturday 25 March 2017

Khalid Masood/ Adrian Elms. Who is he?

Khalid Masood/ Adrian Elms. Who is he? The Westminster killer was brought up in a Christian family but by his late teens he was in trouble with the police. At school he was considered popular with a particular fondness for sports, particularly football, with little or no interest in religion. So what triggered this transformation?
His mother was a 17 year old woman in East Sussex and his father was thought to be an Afro-Carribean man. I believe that character (soul) is a mixture of nature and nurture. I further believe that the natural part of the mixture is the inheritance of the character of an ancestor, from either side of the family, often from many generation ago. During the early years it is plausible to assume that the parental love and care allows the nurturing process to prevail and presumably continue until some trigger allows the underlying character to come through. At some time, either through grooming in prison or by social media, Elms became radicalised and morphed into Masood. But why? when many others resist this brainwashing. The clue might be in his Afro-Carribean background.
The Carribean under European control needed slaves to work the sugar cane and other farms. The slaves principally came from Africa, amongst them those from Islamic lands taken from their homes by traffikers, often Africans from countries such as the former Dahomey who sold them on to slave traders. Once in the Carribean they would have been forced to convert to mainly Roman Catholicism whilst practising their home religion in secret. Could it be that Elms, faced with a vision of radical Islam found the trigger to awaken a latent character he was compelled to embrace? Could it be why he found it so easy to become a jihadist, why he was able to undertake a crime of horrifying proportions despite an upbringing that eschewed such behaviour. He had become that jihadist of old in mind and body like many others AND chillingly, like many in the years to come.
Of course, this may occur with Europeans whose ancestors may have been crusaders.

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