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Sunday 12 March 2017

Is Erdogan the most dangerous man on earth?

Forget Trump, forget Kim Jong-un, could it be that the most dangerous man on earth is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey. Following the Dutch refusing his Party permission to hold a political rally in the Netherlands in favour of his referendum position by denying entry to the Turkish Minister of Housing, Erdogan has accused the Dutch Government of being fascists and promising that the 'harshest penalties' will follow. Make no mistake, this is the rhetoric of war.
Erdogan's referendum is seeking changes to the Turkish constitution that move away from the aspirations of Ataturk for a modern  secular democracy and more towards an Islamic republic. Erdogan's association with the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be denied and this league's aims are intrinsically linked to global Islamification.
Since the Muslim Brotherhood were ousted by the military coup in Egypt, the Brotherhood has moved many of its functions to Erdogan's Turkey. see the report by: AL ARABIYA INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES:

If successful, Erdogan will effectively control the executive and judiciary in Turkey, leading to a powerful Islamic state on the edge of Europe, not unlike the Ottoman caliphate that the President aspires to. The Caliphate was not built by word of God alone; it was built by military force, gainsaying the claim that the religion is one of peace. Bollocks!

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