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Friday 26 May 2017

Hedge Funds

My understanding of hedge funds is that they invest money on behalf of clients in a bag of financial products aimed at maximising their profits. Some work very well and some don't which leads to attempts to make the system work better for the money men. improve the certainty.
Let me be clear here, I believe that such funds don't really earn their money; they do no real work, create anything or exploit minerals etc. They manufacture nothing, obtaining money earned by others using algorithms or other such computational devices to exploit the money market at the expense of the real wealth creators. They are, in effect, parasites.
Now, it seems to me that these funds are turning more proactive; actively involving themselves in the corporate world to fashion a market they can rig in their favour. They are coercing senior Company managers to acquiesce to, for instance, mergers or take overs that suit no one but the funds and their managers. These people have access to huge amounts of money, often greater than the GDP of many nations. They can buy influence to move the markets in their favour often, I'm sure, by dirty tricks.
This polarization of wealth is not healthy; it distorts markets causing massive and widespread disorder the consequence of which has the potential to be dire. Sadly the funds also 'own' many politicians in every country of the globe so not many speak up against this trend and those that do can expect to be slapped down. Maybe its time for the hedge funds to be closed down and the assets seized before they hold the world to ransom and put in place measures that stop the growth of these financial carcinomas.

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