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Sunday 28 May 2017

You'd be stupid not to vote Labour

Corbyn's the man. As the polls demonstrate a closing gap, the British people are becoming aware of a new reality; Labour is the way forward. If they win the election we can look forward to a cabinet redolent with the wisdom of the likes of Diane Abbott and Emily Thornbury, reassured by the patriotism of John McDonnell, blessed with the policies forwarded by paymaster Len McCluskey of the Unite Union. There will be frequent discussions concerning foreign policy with the UK's greatest allies, the IRA and Hamas whilst relations with the US deteriorate as quickly as the dissolution of the monarchy. Oh yes, so much to look forward to. And then there's the manifesto; promising all things to all people. More money in the pay packet, better pensions, heavy borrowing to pay for fevered expansion to the public sector, now bloated with the arrival of the newly nationalised industries. But hey, where's the money coming from for all this? Don't worry we'll soak the rich, just you see. You'd be stupid not to vote Labour in the 2017 General Election!!!!!

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