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Sunday 28 May 2017

Jihadists aren't true Muslims?

Following the atrocity at the Manchester Arena apologists for the Muslim community, hoping to shift the blame, have been quick to point out that the Jihadists aren't true Muslims. This is a lie; they are.
The difficulty the imams have is that in admitting that the perpetrators of these cowardly attacks are followers of Islam they must also admit that the Qur'an is open to misinterpretation; that not all the religious book promotes peace and that the sacred texts cannot, therefore, have been the direct word of Allah. This is unimaginable and they must therefore attempt to distance themselves from these radical murderers. It won't work, except amongst the gullible, much as it won't work in explaining the schism between the Shia and Sunni practices, each of which has varying texts incorporated into their respected Hadiths. Nobody can explain why Allah has not interceded with an update to save the loss of so much intertribal blood because to do so would be to question God and thereby commit blasphemy. The same could be said of politely enquiring why an omnipotent deity would require men (and women) to do his dirty work. Why do these killers presume to do God's work?
In the 21st century, this really isn't good enough. Nor is it good enough to deny outright that the goal of all true Islamists is to convert the whole globe to their faith and introduce 7th century sharia law throughout. For most the end justifies the means and if this means the slaughter of hundreds and thousands of innocent children then so be it. We really must put a stop to the Abrahamic religions before they put a stop to us.

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