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Saturday 10 June 2017

Manifesto of Hope

Well, the General Election is over with a shock result; shock that is for Theresa May and her team. The Prime Minister's campaign was as bad as could be suggesting too much complacency and too much reliance on those who advised her that she was unassailable.
I suggested earlier ( that a Labour Party in such dire circumstances would try desperate things but their answer was more subtle than I imagined; they came up with the manifesto of hope. Not the hope of the people for a better way of life, but hope for Corbyn that they could, after all and against the odds, pull something out of the bag.
It was simple because they had nothing to lose; the polls predicted a Tory landslide. The manifesto, in short, gave the people what they wanted; socialist heaven on earth. Lower tax for the workers, guaranteed work and higher pay, more workers' rights. More money for the NHS and care agencies, abolition of higher education fees, more policemen, firemen etc and repeal of all trade union legislation. There was something for everyone as long as you didn't earn too much. It was, Corbyn insisted, carefully costed, with promises paid for by soaking the rich and higher taxes for business and enterprise. In effect it was a giveaway, a Santa Clause wish list, promised with the sure knowledge there was absolutely no chance of it having to be enacted. Brilliant! This coupled with a low cost campaign concentrated on Corbyn's left wing hot spots gave the impression of an evangelical crusade; that Corbyn was on the side of the righteous fighting the forces of evil as epitomised by the 'nasty' Tories. It worked; the students, in particular, were galvanised into voting. They didn't want common sense, they had no ears for Corbyn and McDonnells reputation for sympathy with terrorist organisations, or their attraction to the economics of Venezuela, remember the last Labour government left the treasury empty; no they were following the pied piper, they were infused with 'hope'.  It worked, the gullible voting population took leave of their senses and voted for the Country's bankruptcy. It was as if they had decided on a policy of collective treachery as the rest of the world decided after the exit poll, selling sterling by the bucket full. What a world we live in!

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