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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Invasive species

A man from south Wales has been arrested for driving his hired van at a crowd of worshippers exiting the Finsbury Park mosque, killing one and injuring a dozen others. It was reported that he shouted out that he wanted to kill all Muslims but his family said later that although he had 'issues' he was not a racist. What was going through his mind? Could it have been frustration that whilst his personal situation, he was an unemployed father of four, was not being properly addressed, immigrants, particularly those from war torn zones, were being offered state or tax payers' handouts.

As I write, steps are being taken to protect native British wildlife from foreign invaders. Prominent among them are the red squirrel (grey squirrel), the crayfish (US Signal Crayfish) and water voles (mink). The list is not confined to fauna as the Japanese knotweed is an  invasive species of plant that has takns over from massive swathes of native flora throughout the country.
However, when it comes to the indigenous British People, the opposite effect is happening. Rather than protect the British and their way of life, politicians have allowed other peoples to enter the nation, propogate and in places supplant the natives. The reason is simple, grey squirrels, signal crayfish and mink don't vote but immigrants do and Labour politicians in particular want their votes.
Now the British are a tolerant welcoming people but they know when they are being taken advantage of. A rule of thumb is that conquering peoples like the Romans and Normans make the rules but immigrants should follow the culture and norms of their hosts. After all it's only polite. The trouble is that in the UK the expanding Muslim immigrant population is assuming the posture of conquerors, introducing their own sharia law where possible and spreading the religion of Islam as the native Christian Church shrinks. We should not be surprised because the Muslims have previous for this in North Africa, Iberia, southern France and huge swathes of Asia giving a lie to the notion that Islam is a religion of peace. Their aim is world domination, a global caliphate.
Comparing animals and plants with people may seem inappropriate, even insulting, but I believe that it opens a window on the consequences of laissez faire.
Diversity is good for us, we're told by the human rights brigade but at what cost? The UK, Germany and Sweden have seen the devestating effects of this mass immigration of mainly young men, as girls and women are routinely molested and raped, their lives ruined. When are the politicians going to own up to this treachery?
Could it be that the man from south Wales felt this injustice more keenly than some. Could it be that the politicians ARE taking the British population for granted. They are very quick with their platitudes when appropriate but mightily slow to show favour for the silent majority.
When are they going to look after the indigenous population of the UK as they should; defend and protect them as their principal duty before it is too late?

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