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Sunday 25 June 2017

What a world we live in.

Bit of a rant. Sorry!

We learn today that one of the killers of guardsman, Lee Rigby is brainwashing fellow inmates with Islam and the prison officers are struggling to cope with it, despite the £1500 per week bill to the tax payer. We also learn that 400 violent prisoners cannot be deported, using tax payer funded legal aid to claim their human rights. It appears that the human rights of the victims and their families count for nought. Why hasn't this scandalous anomaly been corrected. Left wing, human rights lawyers and the European Court of Justice might have something to do with it.

The shadow chancellor, McDowell, has described the deaths of over seventy people in the tower block inferno last week as murder. In a calculated bid to keep the heat on the Government, he and his Labour party on the loony left are stepping up the rhetoric in a bid to bring anarchy to the streets of London, focussing on the July 1st march of chaos. The students will be at a loose end then, frightened by scaremongering over the cost of university education most of them don't need. The unions are being exhorted to join the revolution because that is what is being planned. This at a time when the Nation, leaving the flawed EU, faces talks with 27 other nations, needing support and goodwill instead of internal strife and obstruction that could be construed as giving comfort to an enemy, tantamount to treachery in fact.

Glastonbury is on. Who the hell are the acts? I've never heard of them and judging by the white noise emanating from the stage I now know why. Strangely the youngsters in the fields seem to know them because they are all mouthing the lyrics and waving things. I don't know them, the youngsters I mean. I was young once; I know, difficult to believe, I went to university, a very good one in fact, but I never felt compelled to camp out to listen to degenerate looking bunch of so called musicians. Nor did I feel compelled to sport a tattoo, take drugs or pierce my skin, let alone go unshaved. Is it any wonder I feel totally alien to the young of today.

These are the people being recruited to Corbyn's crusade against the values upon which the country was built and prospered. He is looking to this pool of wisdom to guide the country's future. This and a legal system that gives succour to the guilty and betrays the victims leaves me in despair. What a ridiculous, topsy-turvy world we live in.

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