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Tuesday 15 August 2017

Charlottesville. Who provoked the violence?

For the sake of clarity, was the march by the fascists in Charlottesville destined to be violent or was the demonstration meant to be peaceful; an expression of their views, legitimately expressed under the freedom of speech provision of the democracy?
Is it a fact that the violence was occasioned only when this march was confronted by a rival mob. No rival mob, no violence, no deaths or am I missing something because since the incident the blame seems to be solely attributed to the White Supremecists etc. Even POTUS has been condemning the violence, first on all sides but later focussing on the 'bad' guys. Surely they have a right to their views even as Christians have a right to insist on a mythical God week in, week out and Muslims can insist that Islam is a peaceful religion despite thousands dying each week in the name of Allah. Let them speak and refute their arguments without confrontation relying on reason and logic rather than weapons.
At the end of the week, the number of people hurt or killed by neo-fascists will be insignificant compared to the numbers slaughtered around the world by jihadists or the many made homeless and in poverty as a result of banking practices. I don't see many confrontations with these forces of evil in Charlottesville, Virginia, or anywhere for that matter.

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