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Friday 18 August 2017

Muslim Supremacy

A recent march through London by Muslims threatened the conquest of America by followers of Muhammed. Banners also claimed that Democracy and western culture was at death's door. There were no counter demos by the far left as was seen in Charlottesville, presumably because Muslim supremacy is not seen to be racist or in any way, fascist. In the UK, the Labour Leader, Corbyn wouldn't be drawn on blaming British born Pakistani men for abusing young white girls, claiming that all sections of society commit vile acts. Corbyn cannot speak because he needs the Muslim vote despite one of his own shadow cabinet members, a Muslim, suggested that it wasn't racist to discuss the matter.
Slowly people are becoming aware that unless the problem of Muslim Supremacy is tackled head on the situation will get worse, not only now but for generations to come. As I write the Spanish city of Barcelona has come under attack. ISIS has claimed responsibility whilst urging its 'soldiers' to begin derailing railway trains. It is war. Meanwhile in another part of Spain, thousands of Muslims are arriving in small boats bringing with them their unshakeable alien culture, contributing to the diaspora of hate.
NOW is the time for action. NOW is the time to tackle not only Islam but the lies and myths of all the Abrahamic religions. Who is brave enough to stand up and start the work?

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