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Monday 21 August 2017

Fake or Fortune

Last night, 20th Aug, the BBC screened 'Fake or Fortune, a program that examines works of art for authenticity. Its subject this week was a work by John Constable, recalling a story within my novelette, 'Antiquities Roadshow: Christmas Edition', in which a well known expert values a painting he suspects is by the famous British landscape artist.

Written some years ago, the novelette anticipates the program when presenter Rupert Naas (real life Rupert Maas) does forensic work in collaboration with program presenter Leona Sluice (Fiona Bruce) on a painting thought to be by Murillo. It is a pity, In retrospect, it's a pity I didn't anticipate the part played by Philip Mould but nonetheless, the BBC might like to make a film of the story using the real life characters portrayed.
Antiquities Roadshow: Christmas Edition

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