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Wednesday 23 August 2017

The problem of travellers

The people of Weston Super Mare were in no mood, recently, to host a group of travellers who descended on some playing fields. History told them that by the time the travellers moved on the fields would be ruined and covered with rubbish and detritus costing thousands of pounds to remove and more to sanitise.
It is a problem faced by many communities who bear the costs of allowing the travellers the right to their way of life, a life free of taxes or obligation to observe the norms and in some cases the laws of the land. In denying the travellers the right to squat, are the people of W-S-M racist? if they are why aren't the protesting left out in force calling them neo-fascists and nazis.
The answer is that we are, at core, all racists if we hold the view that family, friends and community come first. It is human nature established from the very beginning because history tells us that strangers in the community usually means they want your assets, your property or your women and we are naturally wary.
Let me ask this: how many of those who object to travellers camping nearby secretly hoped that Hitler had finished the job and eliminated all gypsies, Roma etc? I suspect that quite a lot of them would own to these thoughts as they recover from the filthy and lawless visit.

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