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Thursday 31 August 2017

No deal is the only deal.

The words coming from the UK/EU Brexit negotiations do not sound optimistic. I'm surprised anyone thinks they can be. On the one side we have an arrogant Frenchman who has to represent 27 dispirate Countries aware that failure of the EU project is a real possibility regardless of the outcome of the talks. They are banking on a severence payment from the UK to shore up a shortfall in the post Brexit budget, insisting indeed, that this must be met before other talks can begin. The UK, quite correctly, are asking for details but none are forthcoming as there is apparently no legal basis for this one off payment. The UK negotiator has insisted the UK will meet its legal obligations but no more; now lets talk about foreign citizens and the Northern Ireland border. The EU bluff and bluster about there being no progress but how can there be if they refuse to talk ahead of the UK paying this extortionate demand.
The UK team, headed by D. Davis is doing a good job in the face of this provocation, standing up for the UK's rights. If the EU will not talk other than to demand ludicrous sums of money then maybe no deal is the only deal possible.
With regard to the Northern Irish, an article in the Irish Times recently suggested that it might be better for the Republic to quit the EU at the same time, as we suggested earlier. ( see: However this is likely to be resisted by those with an historical eye on previous Anglo/ Irish relations and those concerned a currency switch.

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